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Be Ye Glad

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Each morning, when I get dressed, I put on a pendant with the words "Be Ye Glad" on it.  It's a reminder of the past two years of dealing with cancer and of how fortunate I am to be where I am today. 

Be Ye GladBe Ye Glad

The pendant, with a tree of life symbol, actually comes with the text "I'm Still Standing".  I had the pendant customized with the title words of a song recently covered by Chris Rupp.  Although the song's context was not intended for my situation, (Michael Kelly Blanchard's inspiration was global events in the late 1970's. The Iranian hostage crisis; the Cambodian genocide;), I found a few of the lines, combined with Chris Rupp's harmonies spoke to me. 

I frequently extract lines out of context from lyrics, poetry, books, and scenes from movies when something in that instant touches me.  Perhaps it's the still photographer coming out in me.  The frames of life move by quickly.  Sometimes we need to pause the story, or stop the moving images for a closer look.  I must say though,  that it results in people questioning my taste in literature, music, and movies where they see the whole and I am only looking at a moment. 

There are a few lines in this song, (totally out of context), that I connect with in addition of course to the main theme, "Be Ye Glad"

From the 2nd verse:

... outside there are faces of friends.
And though your body lay weary from wasting,
and your eyes show the sorrow they've had.
Oh the love that your heart is now tasting
has opened the gate, Be Ye Glad.

And from the last verse:

And there is no disease or no struggle,
that can pull you from God, Be Ye Glad

So, as 2017 draws to a close and we look forward to a new year I hope that everyone can join with me in remembering "Be Ye Glad"



Chris Rupp's version can be found on YouTube here Be Ye Glad  or on iTunes.(Incidentally, Chris sings all of the harmonies himself.)

I was pleased that Pearl at was so accommodating in customizing the pendant for me. 


One further anecdote,  when I reviewed the opening sentence of this entry "Each morning, when I get dressed ...", I noticed that I had mistakenly typed "Be Ye Clad" rather than "Be Ye Glad".  :)   I suppose it is just as relevant though, so, a wish for the new year.  "Be Ye Clad"  :) 




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